Monday, October 31, 2011


WOW! been busy as ever the last few months.  With all the ongoings over the summer, Getting ready for school, and then right into finishing up stuff to welcome our new baby.... Finding time to blog has been a challenge.  So, introducing the newest edition..... TIANNA LEILA TALAMASINA FILIPE!!

She has been such a good baby..... since day one.... which, as few of you know, was much needed with my EXTREMELY hard, first day..... Crossing my fingers to never have to go through that again.... WAY SCARY! Tommy was truly amazing throughout it all and got spoiled in being with her all day.

She was born with long fingers and toes like Leine, Eyes like Jayden, Head full of hair like Ammon and a Nose like Masi.  To me a perfect mix of all our others, and yet reminds me so much of Tommy....  Her weight, 6lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. (but she has already grown way too much for my liking - LOL ). Not our smallest, but dainty with her features.

Ever since I was expecting Heleine, 12 yrs ago, I had a name picked out.... However, when Heleine was born, Tom wanted to name her....and he did so after both our grandmothers.  Every pregnancy since then, I have been thinking I could use the name.... HAHAHAHA, but the boys kept coming!  When I found out it was FINALLY another girl, I was still thinking something would happen and I would be told, MISTAKE its really another BOY! But alas, our Little girl was born and I FINALLY got to Name her, ~TIANNA~.  Her middle names were by choice of our kids, well... really just her big sister and my father.   Her short time here has already shown...... she FITS her name and the meanings behind them (Thanks DAD! - hahaha)

All the kids have adjusted well with her.... EVEN MASI.... who I have decided is the most protective over her yet.  Every morning when she wakes up, He sings to her as I'm getting her ready for the day and when ever she starts to cry, he is the first one by her side, telling her "its okay" and begins singing again.  If Tommy, all of our kids and my parents had their way, she would be held all day and never put down....  She truly is being spoiled by them. 

We have been blessed again with such a sweet spirit in our home.....  ~*TIANNA LEILA TALAMASINA FILIPE*~


  1. Congrats! I am a little jealous! She is beautiful like all your other children. I was going to ask you about it tonight at the trunk or treat but it was too busy!